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Why Use T.A. Wallace & Associates, Inc. ?

We Bring Specific Expertise To Your Team

  • Experience & Competence: Our Consultants and Project Managers have over 150 years of combined experience delivering customized networking solutions to clients. We have networking solution competency in Voice, Data, VoIP, Call Centers, Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery and Managed (outsourced) Network Solutions.

  • Technology Integration: We integrate networking technology into your business processes and make it work the way you want it to.  We work with you to develop a strategic plan, design the solution, negotiate the best deal and then deploy and assure it. We ensure that you get the right technology at the right price.

  • Performance Assurance: We develop and negotiate Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Service Level Objectives (SLO) across the entire solution so that it performs the way it has to. Mission critical applications require better than average performance characteristics, so SLA and SLO development and compliance is critical to your success.

  • Knowledge Base: Our experienced Consultants and Project Managers have worked across a broad base of of client applications environments. We stay on top of new developments through the educational resources of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC).

  • Strategic Partnerships: We partner with other members of the STC and with specific strategic partners to deliver a complete solution. For example, we will employ Centech Solutions for Call Center performance improvement programs and customer care technology platforms to compliment the network design.

We Are Aligned With Your Organization and Goals

  • Independent Analysis & Objectivity: With the multitude of systems and services available, it is imperative that your consultant provide objective recommendations based upon your specific requirements. As STC consultants, we are independent of any connection that might be considered a conflict of interest. You are assured that objectivity will be maintained.

  • Focus on YOUR Success: We work strictly on a retainer basis and do not accept “contingency” arrangements. The benefit for your business is that we are focused on supporting your mission, not on finding solutions that increase our fees.

  • Speed of Benefit Realization: Once a project is approved, it is important to deliver the cost and performance benefits in the most expeditious manner. Our Project Management and Staff Augmentation Services apply proven vendor management processes to implement the solution and measure its effectiveness.

  • Enabling You To Focus On Your Business: We enable your resources to do the job that they were hired to do- improving your business performance.  Your staff works with their business associates to develop ways to increase sales, lower costs and improve customer service. We augment them by designing and implementing the infrastructure that supports the business plan.

  • Reduced Costs: We save our clients far more than the cost of our fees by employing the right mix of technology and negotiating competitive contracts.  You avoid headcount increases to accommodate complex projects and ongoing support.

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