Satisfying Pharmacy, Healthcare and Emergency Services Clients

Delivering Bottom-Line Results

Since 1995,  T.A. Wallace & Associates, Inc. has helped clients improve their bottom lines with the integration of the right technologies and services to advance their business plans. Our results oriented approach has had a positive impact on large and small clients. At T.A. Wallace, our job does not end with the recommendation.  We will negotiate the contract and implement the solution.  This enables you to focus on your core competencies while we use our experienced resources and leverage with suppliers to deliver the anticipated results.

We can help your company achieve similar results.


East Coast Pharmacy Chain (1,500 Stores in 18 States)

Engagements: 7

Services: RFP Issuance & Contract Negotiation,
Telecommunications Services Audit,
Project Management & Staff Augmentation                                           

Results:  Annual Business Benefit:    $ 1,200,000    Staff Augmentation      
                                                                 $ 1,000,000+ Network Cost Savings
                                                                 $     750,000   Contract Negotiations


 Authored RFP for two PBX’s

 Authored RFP for Pharmacy IP Telephony systems

 Authored voice network RFPs

 Authored data WAN RFP

 Conducted network billing audit driving over $1M savings

 Assisted in negotiating ALL telecommunications contracts



National Pharmacy Chain (6,100 Stores in 43 States)

Engagements: 12
Services: Strategic Business Consulting, Contract Negotiation,
                 Telecommunications Services Audit 

Results:  Annual Business Benefit: $2,000,000 Contract Negotiations    
                                   $    600,000 Network Cost Savings


 Negotiated new three year AT&T OneNet and managed network agreement

 Negotiated new contracts with BellSouth, SBC, and Verizon

 Investigated local service alternatives for all 6,100 stores

 Conducted full scale audit of invoices

 Customer Relations Contact Center Assessment



Personal Emergency Alert Service

Engagements: 2
Services: RFP Issuance & Contract Negotiation, Telecommunications Services Audit 

Results:  Annual Business Benefit: $  50,000 Contract Negotiations &
                                                                                 Network Cost Savings


 Authored voice network RFP

 Negotiated new network services contract

 Conducted an infrastructure audit of network and telephony hardware